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regarding JEF+KEV//SIM: a Happening @ BGSQD


An interactive and delusional commercial for the upcoming premiere of the play JEF+KEV//SIM. About Dahmer, midwestern queer traumas, and meth-fueled seropositivity sorcery, this happening gives a glimpse into the interconnected stories JEF+KEV//SIM presents. A pair of complimentary tickets will be rewarded to one lucky person for the intragalactic premiere of JEF+KEV//SIM. Written and performed by [...]

Wed. Jul 30, 2014 9:00 PM
Diego Vela Thirteen web

Extension of Diego Vela’s Exhibition Through Sunday, July 27

The Bureau is pleased to announce that we are extending Diego Vela‘s exhibition Delicate Identity through Sunday, July 27.   Image: Diego Vela, Thirteen, 24″ x 30″, acrylic and human hair on canvas, completed 2004. A self portrait of the artist at thirteen.    

Altman video still

Video of Dennis Altman and Christopher Bram Discussion at the Bureau on 6/5/14

Check out this excellent video of the talk between Dennis Altman and Christopher Bram on Altman’s latest book, The End of the Homosexual? The event took place at the Bureau on June 5th. A big thank you to Alton Christensen and Avi Michael for filming and editing the video! It’s very well done! Click here [...]


Article on What Is Queer Performance? Workshops on Posture Magazine’s Site, 6/23/14

Sophie Sotsky wrote an article for Posture magazine about the six workshops that friend of the Bureau Li Cata organized. The series of workshops, titled What Is Queer Performance?, were held at the Bureau from June 11-14, 2014. Check out the article here.