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McGinley 1

Ryan McGinley posters and publications at the Bureau

Photographer Ryan McGinley donated some lovely posters and le point d’ironie issues that he did for agnes b. in 2011 and 2009, respectively. If you make a purchase of $50 or more at the Bureau we will give you one of the posters, while supplies last. We will sell the point d’ironie issues for $60 [...]


5 good reasons to come to the Bureau and stay in the neighborhood

After you come to the Bureau to see Alice O’Malley’s Kenny Kenny 13, photographic portraits of the iconic downtown figure curated by Claire Fleury and Alesia Exum of Strange Loop Gallery (our charming hosts), and to check out our selection of books, zines, art works, tote bags, and tee-shirts, there are many other venues nearby [...]

Untitled, glass plate with collage and paint, by Thomas Engel Hart, 8 1/2" diameter, $90

5 new plates by Thomas Engel Hart

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a new Christopher Stout monochrome at the Bureau

Currently on view at the Bureau, Christopher Stout‘s White Panel Fünf, 2013. Dimensions 20″x20″x2″: Industrial papier-mâché comprised of cement, shredded Wall Street Journals, white and metallic oil and other mixed media; overlaid on a plaster cast and mounted on Belgian linen on board. This sculpture/painting hybrid is also supported underneath by wire brackets, so that when [...]