Thom Vernon

New event just added: Thom Vernon teaser performance of NYC Premier at Fringe Festival

Teaser of The Drifts Live, Queer. Southern. Gothic. with Thom Vernon  Thursday, August 8th, at 7 PM

Photograph by Jeff Silverman

Walt Cessna

8 x 10 print in a 11 x 14 frame

New Perks added to our Indiegogo campaign

New perks added to our Indiegogo campaign: a painting by Wayne Koestenbaum, a photograph by Jeff Silverman, a collage by Sam Gordon, and lunch with Steve Berman, owner and publisher at Lethe Press.          

Village Voice blog

Village Voice Blog on the Bureau’s Campaign (7/30/13)

Manhattan’s Only LGBTQ-Exclusive Bookstore Is Looking For a New Home¬†by Raillan Brooks


Mentioned in Towleroad (7/28/13)

Towleroad mentioned our Indiegogo fundraiser and posted the campaign video that our friend Yomar Augusto made.