Saturday, January 26, 7 to 10 PM: Asylum at the Bureau

Following the ASYLUM exhibition at 287 Spring Art Gallery & Performance Space in New York, the artist, Alexander Kargaltsev, and the exhibition’s curator, Ivan Savvine, published a catalog with 20 photographs by the artist, the curator’s essay, and the introduction by Stephen Roe, PhD. The catalog presents the full ASYLUM series, while the essays elaborate [...]

Satanica Little Tiger on my bed gbp promo

Wednesday, February 13, 7:30 PM: SATANICA

Contributors to SATANICA read at the Bureau. SATANICA is a limited-edition publication curated by Gio Black Peter & Christopher Stoddard for those dedicated to a life of pleasure, excess & self-reflection. Gio Black Peter, Christopher Stoddard, Bruce Benderson, Slava Mogutin, Max Steele, and Micki Pellerano will read. The 350 copies of SATANICA have sold out, but [...]

January 24, 2013: Downtown Magazine


Thursday, Jan. 24, 7 to 8:30, QUEER LIVES IN PRINT: WRITING SHORT MEMOIRS, second of two writing workshops with Hal W. Lanse, PhD

This is the second of two guided sessions for queer folks who want to write memoirs. The instructor’s goal is to collect enough pieces over a year or so to include in an anthology to be published be Queer Street Books, Inc. Participants will need to bring pen and paper or an electronic device on which they can write. About [...]


Weds., Jan. 23: release party for the new issue of FAQNP, FAQNP’s A Queer Nerd Publication

Wednesday, January 23, 7 PM: release party for the new issue of FAQNP, FAQNP’s A Queer Nerd Publication FAQNP is excited to release Issue_05: The Education of the Queer Nerd at the at Bureau of General Services – Queer Division. The issue takes a queer-nerd look at teaching and learning in and out of school, and [...]