NY Times East Village blog posts video report on the Bureau! 12/26/12

The Local East Village, a blog of The New York Times, posted a short video on the Bureau! (I jumped the gun a few days ago and posted a version of the video that was still being edited). This is the final edit. We’re very grateful for the coverage (even if we’d prefer to be [...]

Wild Animals New Fuck You

Just arrived! Wild Animals I Have Known, the Sissy Calendar, The New Fuck You

Kevin Bentley’s Wild Animals I Have Known: Polk Street Diaries and After (2002), Elisha Lim’s Sissy calendar (universal),  The New Fuck You: Adventures in Lesbian Reading (1995), edited by Eileen Myles and Liz Kotz,  A Scarecrow’s Bible (2006) by Martin Hyatt, and To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life (1990) by Hervé Guibert.

Jonathan_AB Soto_George

Spank release party pics in Next Magazine

Spank Magazine Launch Party @ BGSQD

A.K. BURNS, Ass Poster, 2006, 32 x 42", Xerox, edition of 22 + 3 APs, $100ea.

The Bureau is open until 4 PM today, 12/24

Come on down and get those last minute gifts! , Desi Santiago’s untitled poster ($20), Reply to This Post drawings by Nathan Vincent ($50 framed, $400 sketchbooks), A. K. Burns’s Ass Poster ($100), framed photos from the exhibition Electric Eclectic Beauties of the Glorious Nightlife ($25), Phallicware plates ($150), …


The Bureau recommends Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose: Gender Performance in Photography

Published on the occasion of the 1997 exhibition of the same name at the Guggenheim Museum, New York. Essays by Jennifer Blessing, Carole-Anne Tyler, Sarah Wilson, Nancy Spector, Judith Halberstam and Lyle Ashton Harris. Photographic works by Janine Antoni, Matthew Barney, Cecil Beaton, Brassaï, Claude Cahun, Marcel Duchamp, Nan Goldin, Lyle Ashton Harris, Hannah Höch, [...]