Viva la Trans Revolution

Viva la Trans Revolution! poster at the Bureau

Available at the Bureau for only $10! Thanks to Serge Nicholson, who donated a few of these lovely posters to us. Designed by Bird la Bird and Alexandra Lazar for Transfabulous.

Article on Towleroad, a site with homosexual tendencies

Only One Week Left To Raise Money For Queer NYC Bookstore

Alex Jovanovich, Faggot's Fangs

Gifts for the queerphobes in your life

What to get your evangelical Christian Aunt Suzie and Uncle Pete? Alex Jovanovich’s Faggot’s Fangs for only $20!  (18 x 24″, digital print, open edition) Sarah Schulman’s Ties that Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences, $16.95 (The New Press, 2009)