Donnie, Edmund White, and Greg

The Lo-Down covers Edmund White reading at Bureau: 12/31/12

Pop-Up Queer Bookstore Hosts Edmund White Reading

NY Times East Village blog posts video report on the Bureau! 12/26/12

The Local East Village, a blog of The New York Times, posted a short video on the Bureau! (I jumped the gun a few days ago and posted a version of the video that was still being edited). This is the final edit. We’re very grateful for the coverage (even if we’d prefer to be [...]

Wild Animals New Fuck You

Just arrived! Wild Animals I Have Known, the Sissy Calendar, The New Fuck You

Kevin Bentley’s Wild Animals I Have Known: Polk Street Diaries and After (2002), Elisha Lim’s Sissy calendar (universal),  The New Fuck You: Adventures in Lesbian Reading (1995), edited by Eileen Myles and Liz Kotz,  A Scarecrow’s Bible (2006) by Martin Hyatt, and To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life (1990) by Hervé Guibert.

Jonathan_AB Soto_George

Spank release party pics in Next Magazine

Spank Magazine Launch Party @ BGSQD

A.K. BURNS, Ass Poster, 2006, 32 x 42", Xerox, edition of 22 + 3 APs, $100ea.

The Bureau is open until 4 PM today, 12/24

Come on down and get those last minute gifts! , Desi Santiago’s untitled poster ($20), Reply to This Post drawings by Nathan Vincent ($50 framed, $400 sketchbooks), A. K. Burns’s Ass Poster ($100), framed photos from the exhibition Electric Eclectic Beauties of the Glorious Nightlife ($25), Phallicware plates ($150), …