Bureau promo video

Theo Edmonds and Natalie Baxter made this promotional video for us before Lucky Ant shot the video for the crowd-funding campaign that we’ve launched with them. We hope to post more videos that Theo shot with us this summer: interviews with AA Bronson, Christopher Bram, and William Johnson.

JOE MAMA-NITZBERG - Judy Chicago (2012), 18 x 24", digital poster, edition of 50, $40

Art works on display at the Bureau–organized by Scott Hug

If you have yet to come to the store, or if you live far, far away, you can see the art works on display at the Bureau below. If you are interested in purchasing works and you would like us to ship them to you please contact Greg at [email protected] or 646-457-0859.

Lucky Ant

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The Bureau of General Services—Queer Division opened its doors on November 15 at Strange Loop Gallery, and now we’re searching for a permanent location so that we may continue to serve local and visiting queers and friends. The Bureau is the only bookstore and event space in Manhattan devoted to queers. Please help us to [...]

Nathan Vincent, Planning Ahead, from the Reply to this Post series

Nathan Vincent drawings now available at the Bureau

  For more information about Nathan Vincent visit his website. See more drawings from the Reply to this Post series here.

GAYHOUSE issue #5 Elijah Burger

Now carrying GAYHOUSE

Issue #5 of GAYHOUSE is now available at the Bureau. GAYHOUSE “invites artists to share their personal, singular and affirmative vision of gay identity— whether this vision by joyful, poetic, worried, ironic, humorous, pornographic, modest…Taking over the review is similar to inhabiting a house. The invited artist is free to select a layout, its decoration, [...]