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Book launch for Dominick Reading for Filth

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Book launch for Dominick Reading for Filth
November 23, 2013 7:00 PM
November 23, 2013 9:00 PM
646 457 0859
November 3, 2013
Bureau of General Services–Queer Division at Cage
646 457 0859
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83A Hester St., New York, NY, 10002, United States
Dominick Reads for Filth small

Dominick Reading for Filth
Live Transcripts 2007-9

Written by Ask Dominick.
Art work by Scott Hug, Paul Gellman, Carlo Uranus,
Damani Moyd, Miguel Libarnes, and Alice O’Malley.
Cover art by Gio Black Peter.
Edited by Dale Corvino.

Available at the Bureau of General Services-Queer Division.

An illustrated chapbook, a collection of transcripts from staged public readings performed by Dominick, a former kept boy and escort. The readings took place in New York City beginning in 2007 at the now-defunct Rapture Café. His appearances were part of the weekly series ‘Dean Johnson’s Reading for Filth: Queer Writers Reading about Sex’ with contributors Edmund White, Eileen Myles, Craig Seymour, and Mike Albo. The readings are tales from the life, drawn from the diaries Dominick kept when he embarked on a career as a full-time escort, serving the greater NYC metro area. Also included: a reminiscence of his kept boy existence with his Sugar Daddy, the late English society decorator Stuart Greet; and his tribute, on the occasion of his untimely death, to downtown legend and queercore rocker Dean Johnson, the founder of the series. The readings are lurid and frank confessions of a sexual outlaw, and trace a heat map of desire through the vast field of longing that is New York City. Dominick is a Brooklyn-born Italian. He spent his twenties as the kept boy to an aristocratic British decorator of some renown. In the wake of his Sugar Daddy’s alcohol related death, he was left a modest fortune that fueled his own addiction. In recovery, he embarked on a career as a full-time escort, an effort to redeem his kept boy past. After a busy three years, he retired from escorting to take a management position in real estate, where the art of the sell is supreme. He now writes the ‘Ask Dominick’ posts on for their audience of 30,000 subscribers, offering escorts and clients alike advice drawn from the diary he kept while escorting. He’s a frequent presence at the Red Umbrella Diaries, a series of live readings from people who have tangled with the sex industry. Dominick has appeared on Dan Savage’s podcast and is a guest contributor to Savage’s beloved ‘Savage Love’ column. His writing appears in the Anthology Prose & Lore, a publication of the Red Umbrella Project, and the 2013 Soft Skull Press Anthology Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks, edited by David Henry Sterry. He lives in Hell’s Kitchen and most enjoys long hikes in the city and the wilds, and body surfing in the ocean.

74 pages. Paperback. Color cover, B&W interior. US Retail $9.00
ISBN-10: 1490467025 ISBN-13: 978-1490467023

Available at the Bureau.

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