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What Is Queer Performance? Tatyana Tenenbaum Workshop

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What Is Queer Performance? Tatyana Tenenbaum Workshop
June 13, 2014 11:00 AM
June 13, 2014 1:00 PM
Li Cata
May 21, 2014
Bureau of General Services–Queer Division
646 457 0859
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83A Hester St., New York, NY, 10002, United States
Queer Performance WKSHP

Queer theory meets the queer body in these workshops. This smattering of queer artists bridges queer writing practices with queer bodybased practices. Drawing upon the varied performative interests and inspirations of the teaching artists, the workshops touch upon text, sound, witchcraft, impulse, free association, and movement.

These workshops are for folks with none to a lot of performance experience. Come see what inspirations and mini-spectacles are always-already burgeoning in your queer bodies.

Workshops are $10 each, all money goes to support the teacher and the space. Drop-in or take all of them. Space is very limited, so pre-registration strongly encouraged. Please send an email with your name and a quick tidbit about yourself to Curated by Li Cata.



WISQ tatyana

My work is invested in the perceptual borders between sound and space, voice and body.    Sound touches us and we instantly reflect its volume, as we would sense another body’s muscle tone.  For the singing body, this experience is self-reflexive—from physical preparation to vibration to sound to sensing and back again.  Through an embodied practice, I am working to blur the lines between the awareness of sound production and that of movement.  As I reinforce the foundations of interdependency, I simultaneously define the parameters that destabilize them on their own terms.   I am not looking for an absolute relationship, but a fluid state of being that embodies the space in between.



Tatyana Tenenbaum is a choreographer and composer whose practice examines the perceptual, musical and kinesthetic spaces connecting the voice and body.  Her work has been presented by The Chocolate Factory Theater, Dance Theater Workshop,  Movement Research, Cabinet Magazine, Danspace Project, The Watermill Center, Center for Performance Research, Chez Buswhick, Pieter PASD, and AUNTS, among others.  She is a co-organizer of NY-based organization CLASSCLASSCLASS and former dance curator at The Tank (2007 – 2009) where she curated and produced The Raw and the Cooked Show, a forum for interdisciplinary improvisation. She is co-curating the 2014 Movement Research Spring “fallow time” in collaboration with Elliott Maltby, Jennifer Monson and Alicia Ohs.  She has engaged in creative processes with Yoshiko Chuma, Daria Fain, Jennifer Monson, Levi Gonzalez, Michele Torino Hower and Buck Wanner, among others. She received dual degrees from Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music.