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The Fops — A new play about Queer identity by Jack Shamblin

Photograph by Bob Criso, from left to right: Graceann Dorse, Daniel Diaz, Goldie Luxe, Kevin Mimms, Michael Witkes, Brandi Azinionae, Nicholas Gorham, Matt "Ugly" McGlade

  THE FOPS by Jack Shamblin bubbled up out of recent work-in-progress performances at Dixon Place. Sharing his new script and his birthday at the same time, he welcomes you to an artful reading, live music, and some good pink cake. “Partying too hard, the aging Queer Monty time travels to Victorian New York’s Paresis [...]

Sat. Mar 23, 2019 7:00 PM


February 6, 2015

Opening Reception of David Lavine: Collage

David Lavine, Sploosh!, hand-cut paper collage, 6 1/4” x 6 1/4”


Join us for the opening reception of David Lavine: Collage on Friday, February 6th, 7 to 10 PM.

The exhibition has been extended through Sunday, March 29!

Lavine Landscape (Krakt) 500

David Lavine, Seascape (Krakt), hand-cut paper collage, 7 5/8” x 6 1/4”.


Artist’s Statement:

All works are one-of-a-kind paper collages, hand-cut with scissors and assembled with archival tape and glue. There is no scanning, reprinting or photocopying, or any type of digital manipulation. All printed matter is fair game: textbooks, posters, magazines, catalogs, coloring books, maps, comic books, art books, etc. Working from a quarry of several thousand cut elements, form and color relationships serve as a starting point for each collage; eventually narrative threads appear as disparate elements begin to relate. Sometimes the finished collages are explosions of shape and color in hyper-dynamic compositions and seamless spatial interplay, other times they are minimal landscapes or seascapes resulting from the simple pairing of two cut pieces.


Selected group exhibitions:

“Art From The Boros II,” Denise Bibro Fine Art (New York)
“Art From The Boros,” Denise Bibro Fine Art (New York)
“Green Acres & Simple Pleasures,” Piermont Straus (Piermont, NY)
Dealers’ Lounge, PS Project Space (New York)
“A Minor Inconvenience,” Pierro Gallery of South Orange / Montclair Art Museum Young Curators (South Orange, NJ)
“Scapes,” Brooklyn Artists Gym (Brooklyn)
“Intimate: Small Works,” Brooklyn Artists Gym (Brooklyn)


“New Works by David Lavine,” aarting (aarting.com)
“David Lavine”, aarting (aarting.com)
Featured work, Indiewalls (indiewalls.com)
Featured work, The Atomy (theatomy.com)
Featured work, Zealous (www.zealous.co)


University of Pennsylvania, BA Fine Arts





Start: February 6, 2015 7:00 PM
End: February 6, 2015 10:00 PM
Venue: Bureau of General Services—Queer Division @ The Center
Phone: 212 620 7310
208 West 13th Street, Room 210, New York, NY, 10011, United States
Cost: Free

February 4, 2015




This five week communal exploration of qweer erotic myths and mysteries will utilize the Heart Circle and Plato’s Symposium to explore the unique power of qweer erotic ethos and its importance in our world today.


The Symposium was chosen for this workshop because in its five speeches Athenian philosophers at a drinking party express in depth their thoughts concerning erotic love.  Although specific to the time and place – eros between adult men and youth – The Symposium provides an excellent platform for contemporary discussion.  Themes we will cover include the nature of eros, desire, attraction, loss, coupling, erotic friendship, fear, death and HIV/STIs. We will delve into the connection between eros and psyche, eros and thanatos, and eros as a community builder and binder.  Using the Heart Circle approach will allow participants to explore these strong subjects in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space.


These Heart Circles will be conducted every Wednesday evening, 7-10 p.m., beginning January 21, ending February 18, and will be facilitated by Rosie Delicious.  All circles will be held at the Bureau of General Services – Queer Division, in the LGBT Community Center, 208 w. 13th St, NYC.


The weekly Heart Circles will integrate this classic text with contemporary practices that integrate mind, body and spirit in a rejuvenated erotic life for participants.  We will be using Plato’s Erotic Dialogues, translated/edited by William C. Cobb, 1993, SUNY Press.  You may read it online or purchase a hard copy, available through the Bureau of General Services – Queer Division at the LGBT Community Center.


It is advised that participants attend all five weeks as each week will cover different sections of the text.  Pre-registration is encouraged via email to houseofdelicious@gmail.com.  An additional text describing the Heart Circle process will be sent to all registrants. This series is free although we will pass a hat for donations to be shared by the Bureau and the facilitator.


Rosie Delicious, a Radical Faerie sex magician, has co-facilitating Sex Magick Workshops in the Radical Faerie tradition since 2000.  This workshop was initiated by Harry Hay and John Burnside in 1990, and Rosie encountered this most efficacious work in 1996.  Using the Heart Circle technique as a way of exploring these classic texts will enable participants their own unique experience of their qweer sexuality in a safe and confidential environment.




Interested participants can also register to attend a week-long sex magick retreat using this experience as a cornerstone.


Harry Hay asked 3 essential questions for qweer men to explore:


Who are we?

Why are we here?

What are we here for?


Hay argued that to answer these questions for ourselves, each of us needs to dig deep into our consciousness to find our unique narrative, both for our personal benefit as well as for the gifts that we bring to society at large.  The best way to explore this was through sharing in the Heart Circle practice.  Through the use of a talisman or talking stick, the Heart (or Talking) Circle is a process that allows each participant to share their experience and perspective in an uninterrupted flow.  Harry gleaned this means of communing from his lifelong study and work with Native Americans.  Heart Circle practice also grew out of the new consciousness movements of the 1960′s and 70′s and has become a hallmark of communing in Radical Faerie circles.




Start: February 4, 2015 7:00 PM
End: February 4, 2015 10:00 PM
Venue: Bureau of General Services—Queer Division @ The Center
Phone: 212 620 7310
208 West 13th Street, Room 210, New York, NY, 10011, United States
Cost: Donation

February 1, 2015


__4__ is a series presenting queer and trans words and performance, curated by Abigail Lloyd and Charles Theonia.

Regrets: Cat Fitzpatrick is a poet and essayist, she teaches at Rutgers University- Newark, she facilitates the Trans Poets Workshop NYC, and is one of the editors at Topside Press. You can read her work in places like Asylum, Glitterwolf and, forthcomingly, EOAGH. And also in her zine. “At Least It’s Short”, which she is happy to sell you tonight for anything you are prepared to pay. She lives in New Jersey, and she is very sorry about

Context: Tommy “Teebs” Pico is the author of absentMINDR (VERBALVISUAL, 2014)—the first chapbook APP published for iOS mobile/tablet devices—was a Queer/Art/Mentors inaugural fellow, 2013 Lambda Literary fellow in poetry, and has poems in BOMB, Guernica, and [PANK]. Originally from the Viejas Indian reservation of the Kumeyaay nation, he now lives in Brooklyn. With Morgan Parker he curates the reading series Poets With Attitude (PWA).



Start: February 1, 2015 6:00 PM
End: February 1, 2015 9:00 PM
Venue: Bureau of General Services—Queer Division @ The Center
Phone: 646 457 0859
208 West 13th Street, Room 210, New York, NY, 10011, United States
Cost: Free

January 31, 2015

Live from the Bureau! An Open Mic Night

LIVE from the BUREAU! An Open Mic Night

Organized by Andrew Bell

The January installment of LIVE from the BUREAU! will be hosted by Ali Dineen and will feature guests from The Love Yourself Project.

LIVE from the BUREAU! is a program featuring the original work of fledgling, emerging, established and seasoned live-performers, poets and visual artists. Come for songs, burlesque, spoken word, diary musings, violin solos, puppetry, and other queer induced happenings, including a pop-up gallery, with the overarching theme of: Oppression and Resistance/Fear and Hope. Expect individuals and small gangs, elders and twinks, the sacred, the profane, the tragic, the hilarious and everything in between, and come ready for anything.





Ali open mic portrait

Ali Dineen is a human being, artist, musician, traveler, activist, resident of Queens, eater of pasta and other foods, listener of music and other sounds, amongst other things. She hopes sincerely that you’re having a good day.


LYP Logo

​The Love Yourself Project exists​ to inspire people to build a strong relationship to the self, mindfully creating a future with loving regard for all living beings and the environment; ultimately, manifesting a humanity that declares itself unwavering in its commitment to peace, loving-kindness, compassion, and harmony.



Drew Live from the Bureau!

Drew Bell is a full-time painter and Bureau volunteer happy to be making his contribution as an event organizer.








Start: January 31, 2015 7:00 PM
End: January 31, 2015 10:00 PM
Venue: Bureau of General Services—Queer Division @ The Center
Phone: 646 457 0859
208 West 13th Street, Room 210, New York, NY, 10011, United States
Cost: Free

January 29, 2015




Ann Aptaker
R.G. Emanuelle
Jane Hoppen
Susan X. Meagher
Cindy Rizzo




Ann Aptaker pic

Native New Yorker Ann Aptaker has earned a reputation as a respected if cheeky exhibition designer and curator of art during her career in museums and galleries. Taking the approach that what art authorities find uncomfortable the public would likely enjoy, exhibitions Ann has curated have garnered favorable reviews in the New York Times, Art in America, American Art Review, and other publications.
She brings the same attitude and philosophy to her first love: writing, especially a tangy variety of historical crime fiction. Ann’s short stories have appeared in two editions (2003 and 2004) of the noir crime anthology Fedora. Her flash fiction story, “A Night In Town,” appeared in the online zine Punk Soul Poet. In addition to curating and designing art exhibitions and writing crime stories, Ann is also an art writer and an adjunct professor of art history at the New York Institute of Technology. CRIMINAL GOLD is her debut novel.
Ann can be contacted at writer.aptaker@gmail.com, on Facebook at Ann Aptaker, Author, and on Twitter @AnnAptaker




R.G. Emanuelle pic

R.G. Emanuelle is from New York City, and spent more than 20 years as an editor, writer, and typesetter. When she was child, a neighbor called her a vampire because she only came out after dark, so it’s fitting that her first novel, Twice Bitten, is about creatures of the night. When she’s not writing or editing, she can usually be found cooking or developing recipes, as she is also a culinary school graduate, which is what inspired her to write her romantic novella, Add Spice to Taste, starring a love-burned chef. She is co-editor of All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Erotica & Romance, Unwrap These Presents, and Skulls and Crossbones: Tales of Women Pirates, and her short stories can be found in numerous anthologies.Blog: www.rgemanuelle.com
Email: rgemanuelle@gmail.com
Facebook: R.G. Emanuelle
Twitter: @Rgemanuelle




Jane Hoppen‘s fiction has been published in various literary magazines, including Story Quarterly, Western Humanities Review, Feminist Studies, The Dirty Goat, PANK, and Superstition Review. Her novel, In Between, was published by Bold Strokes Books, December 2013. Her novella, The Man Who Was Not, was published as an e-book by Bold Strokes Books, June 2014.




Susan X Meagher pic

Susan X. Meagher lives in Brooklyn with her wife, Carrie. Born in East St. Louis, Illinois, she has lived in both Chicago and Los Angeles for significant periods, but New York fits her very well. She has over thirteen novels in print along with the seventeen and counting novels in the “I Found My Heart in San Francisco” series. Her latest novel is Out of Whack.You can find out more about Susan at her websitewww.susanxmeagher.com All of her books and eBooks are available atwww.briskpress.com


cindy rizzo picCindy Rizzo is an author of lesbian fiction. Her first novel, Exception to the Rule, won the 2014 award for Best Debut Fiction from Golden Crown Literary Society and was a finalist for the Rainbow Book Awards. In September 2014, her second novel, Love Is Enough, was released. A short story, The Miracle of the Lights, appeared in the anthology Unwrap These Presents (Ylva Publishing). Earlier writing includes essays in the anthologies, Lesbians Raising Sons and Homefronts: Controversies in Non-Traditional Parenting. Cindy was also the co-editor of a fiction anthology, All the Ways Home, published in 1995 (New Victoria) in which her story Herring Cove was included.Cindy has worked in philanthropy for many years and has a long history of involvement in the LGBT community. She serves on the boards of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah in New York and Funders for LGBTQ Issues. She lives in New York City with her wife, Jennifer, and their two cats. They have two grown sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and a baby granddaughter.

You can contact Cindy by email at cindyt.rizzo@gmail.com, via Facebookwww.facebook.com/ctrizzo, through her blog, www.cindyrizzo.wordpress.com, or on Twitter @cindyrizzo.




Start: January 29, 2015 7:00 PM
End: January 29, 2015 10:00 PM
Venue: Bureau of General Services—Queer Division @ The Center
Phone: 212 620 7310
208 West 13th Street, Room 210, New York, NY, 10011, United States
Cost: Free