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Randy issue 3

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RANDY is a personal and nepotistic project and this is our gesture. A.K. Burns and Sophie Morner initiated this project in late 2009 and decided our first commitment was to create something based on what we love and care about. We invited Clark Solack to become co-editor, who then joined RANDY in Fall 2011.

RANDY is about the people close to us and the people we have yet to meet. It is a celebration and critique of the queer arts. It is trans-feminist and vag-centric because that is a perspective we want to support.

RANDY invites people and provides a space for their voice. We engage an intergenerational dialogue and support conversation as a means to examine multiple views on a topic. RANDY expands the politics of art, sexuality and aesthetics. RANDY is intentionally irregular.

RANDY delivers images and words from the hot queerdom of radical revelations, and we hope you enjoy.
Randy is published by Capricious, Brooklyn, NY.

For further inquires: info@randyzine.com

Randy issue 2

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