New event added for Friday: Punks Take It Down a Few Notches: Benefit Show for Brooklyn Transcore

Brooklyn Transcore is a collective of Trans and Queer artists and musicians in, arguably, the most popular of NYC ‘outer boroughs’. BKTC seeks to increase exposure of trans and queer musicians and issues through shows, zines, and recordings. This show is a benefit to support Brooklyn Transcore’s stage on this years Punk Island, and all day punk music festival on Staten Island on June 22nd, sponsored by Make Music New York, and curated by ABC No Rio.

Performances by:

Shomi Noise is a DJ, musician, zine writer, and a self–proclaimed music nerd who is heavily influenced by Riot Grrrl, D.I.Y., and Queercore sounds of the 90s. She plays guitar and sings and has been part of a few queer grrrl punk bands in the past. Shomi is currently working on her solo singer/songwriter material and completing the 4th volume of her zine titled “Building Up Emotional Muscles”, which narrates some of her lived experiences based on the intersectionality of culture, race, class, sexuality and punk rock. Shomi is deeply committed to spreading the message of empowerment, social justice, and community building.


Lior (Music was my first gay lover)
Music Was My First Gay Lover is Lior singing some queer blues with a guitar, so we can all have some feelings together. He has a strong preference for chewy cookies.


Mal Blum
Emma Caterine
Punk electronic witch summons the music of Baphomet through an ancient deer skull.