A.K. BURNS, Ass Poster, 2006, 32 x 42", Xerox, edition of 22 + 3 APs, $100ea.

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Come on down and get those last minute gifts! , Desi Santiago’s untitled poster ($20), Reply to This Post drawings by Nathan Vincent ($50 framed, $400 sketchbooks), A. K. Burns’s Ass Poster ($100), framed photos from the exhibition Electric Eclectic Beauties of the Glorious Nightlife ($25), Phallicware plates ($150), …

DESI SANTIAGO – digital print on paper, 24 x 18″, $20 ea. Open Edition.

Drawings by Nathan Vincent. Individually framed and multiple drawings in sketchbooks from the Reply to this Post series. Drawings from the View from Above series, pencil on gessoed canvas.

Krys Fox, from Electric Eclectic Beauties of the Glorious Nightlife, $25 framed

Phallicware ceramic plates, $150 each