16 Hours left!

Good morning, queers! Thanks to all of you lovely donors who have helped us reach our revised goal of $18K!!! We are now at $18,715!!! After Fractured Atlas takes its 7%, that amounts to $17,404.95.

Let’s not stop there. We have JUST OVER 15 HOURS LEFT! (I just realized that the cut-off is midnight Pacific Time, so we have an additional 3 hours!)

Our original goal was $50K because we not only need to pay 3 months of rent up front (about $12K+), we’ll need to adapt the space to our needs, including signage and furniture. And if we can add just a bare-bones cafe we can bring in much needed revenue from coffee sales. LET’S TAKE IT TO $23K today! That will pay for an espresso machine (approx. $5K) for the cafe–the most important piece of equipment for our cafe. That means raising $4285 before in the next 15 hours. WE CAN ONLY DO IT WITH YOUR HELP!

Many of you have told us that Bureau of General Services-Queer Division is not only important to you, but a much-needed queer cultural center in NYC. But we can only keep this project alive with your help.

PLEASE DONATE NOW! And if you’ve already donated, please donate more if you are able to. Thank you for your support!!!