5 good reasons to come to the Bureau and stay in the neighborhood

After you come to the Bureau to see Alice O’Malley’s Kenny Kenny 13, photographic portraits of the iconic downtown figure curated by Claire Fleury and Alesia Exum of Strange Loop Gallery (our charming hosts), and to check out our selection of books, zines, art works, tote bags, and tee-shirts, there are many other venues nearby that you will want to visit. Here are 5 of the Bureau’s recommendations. Three of them are on our block on Orchard Street between Hester and Canal Streets.

1. Cheeky Sandwiches, this charming New Orleans-style sandwich shop is just up the street from the Bureau at 35 Orchard St. 

2. I Killed My Father, I Ate Human Flesh, I Quiver With Joy: An Obsession With Pier Paolo Pasolini. 

I’m finally going to check out this exhibition at Allegra LaViola Gallery (179 East Broadway) today! I love Pier Paolo Pasolini. I love the title of this exhibition. And I love many of the artists featured in this exhibition. So much love.

February 22 – March 23, 2013

Participating Artists: Michael Bilsborough, Lizzi Bougatsos, BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Asger Carlsen, Troels Carlsen, Walt Cassidy, Andy Coolquitt, Vaginal Davis, Carlton DeWoody, Joey Frank, Paul Gabrielli, Ludovica Gioscia, Luis Gispert, Terence Hannum, Karen Heagle, Timothy Hull, Doug Ischar, Brian Kenny, Jeremy Kost, Aaron Krach, Yeni Mao, Leigha Mason, Mark McCoy, Robert Melee, Lucas Michael, Jennifer Needleman, Brent Owens, Paul P., Paolo Di Paolo, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Franklin Preston, John Russell, Xaviera Simmons, Duston Spear, Scott Treleaven, Ramon Vega, Jordan Wolfson, Dustin Yellin

3. The Doughnut Plant

379 Grand Street, between Essex and Norfolk 

4. The Fat Radish, our elegant neighbor at 17 Orchard St. If you haven’t treated yourself to a meal at The Fat Radish yet, why not today? Unless, of course, you can’t afford it. But it’s worth saving your pennies for.


5. Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, at 29 Orchard St., currently features two intriguing exhibitions: 

A group exhibition including the works by Amelie Chabannes, Jen Mazza, and Brigitte NaHoN

Organized by curator William Stover in conjunction with the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery


Work by Shannon Plumb and Heather Bennett

Curated by Stephan Stoyanov 

Of course, there are many other reasons to come on down to the lower Lower East Side, so we hope to see you soon!




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