Call for Submissions to Perform at Monthly Event, Deadline

Sabrina Chap, the lovely host of Deadline (a monthly event at the Bureau), has asked us to let it be known that she is seeking submissions. Deadline is a great series that regularly draws a crowd, so if you’re seeking an audience then please submit an application!

Deadline is a works-in-progress series to force queer artists to stop checking Facebook and just get their fucking work done. We are here to crack the whip, cheer you on, and give you an audience for feedback and accountability.

The evening is a selection of 3-5 artists presenting new work that they feel they need to workshop in front of a live audience. Audience members are given note cards where they can respond to the artist’s questions about their own work. This series is dedicated to artists who are brave enough to take both risks and feedback.

Artists of any kind are encouraged to submit.