Check out Forest of the Future!

There are lots of exciting events taking place in the coming days at the Forest of the Future.

The Forest of the Future is a collectively-built art installation that imagines what a queer future might look like. During its existence, the Forest will host a series of conversations and performances, photo lectures and parties which aim to connect various queer communities’ past, present, and future. It will also host a unique teach-in on local and international movements for queer/trans/third gender/human rights.

This month-long happening is a symbolic process where people with a broad range of queer experiences work together to acknowledge, process, and move closer toward unity while also honoring and celebrating individual and subcultural differences.

We do this in service of a greater movement for a strategic cultural shift in how gender is perceived and structured globally.

The Forest of the Future will be open to the public from March 2-15, 2013 at 67 West Street, #527, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

A full schedule of events and program details are found here.

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