The NY Queer Zine FairKnowsgay, and the Bureau of General Services-Queer Division are proud to present QUEER ZINES / QUEER ART, an exhibition to accompany the 2018 NY QUEER ZINE FAIR (Past: October 13 and 14).


QUEER ZINES / QUEER ART is on view at the Bureau 5 October 2018 – 5 January 2019
The exhibition is in three parts:
A HISTORY OF QUEER ZINES. In collaboration with QZAP – The Queer Zine Archive Project ( we will showcase a timeline of queer zines (before Myspace).
QUEER ZINES / QUEER ART. An exhibition of selected work from NYQZF participants. Artists include: Aaron Krach, Anthony Cahudy, Anthony Malone, Chris Moody, Ian Lewandowski, JB Brager, Justin Corriveau, Keiff Jones, Love Case (Jason Haaf & Kyle Anderson), JP Anne Giera, Sam Rosenthal, Stephen McDowell, Steven Harwick, Voxigma Lo and Will Yunshu Chen.
KNOWSGAY No7. A display of work from a new and special edition of KNOWSGAY. Limited edition of 30 and 75% of all sales will go to help cover the extra costs of putting on the NYQZF and the remaining 25% will benefit New Alternatives NYC (
image credit: Keiff Jones “T.O.N.Y Tiger” 2018