Last day of J. Morrison, HomoCats: Fight the Power, Sunday, February 3rd



January 12—February 3, 2013
Opening reception
with onsite screenprinting of a free commemorative edition by the artist
Saturday, January 12, 2013
6 to 9 PM

Bureau of General Services—Queer Division Pop-Up Shop
Hosted by Strange Loop Gallery
27 Orchard Street (between Canal St. and Hester St.)
New York, NY 10002

In recent years, cats have taken over the internet and ascended to a dubious new throne in pop consciousness.  More recently, these same cybercats have invaded the art world, most famously during the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Film Festival. Everybody loves cats, but does everyone love HomoCats?

Exploring the abundance of meaningless cat culture found on the internet, on websites such as “I Can Has Cheezburger,” J. Morrison’s drawings in turn create their own language of banners and slogans. Statements such as “We are Fatigued with Gay Marriage” and “Free Butt Sex” are comically expressed through the voices of the HomoCats.

The popularity of the feline is used here as a vehicle to address political concerns in a very accessible manner. Humorous and playful, they counteract phobias, propose equal rights, and brazenly challenge social norms. Shown at the beginning of a New Year, the cats question what 2013 holds for human culture.

Morrison first created his pantheon of HomoCats during a 2010 residency at the Anderson Ranch in Colorado. Versions of the HomoCats have been presented at the NY Art Book Fairs, exhibited at Lorem Ipsum in Boston and the Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery in NY. This will be the largest exhibition of the series.

Works included will be an installation of large-scale prints, photographs, and related zines and multiples of the artist.

“Morrison’s ability to address the politicized and gendered body through photo-collages of cats (of all things) and just enough humor is unsuspecting and admirable.” – Lauren Denitzio, artist

“There’s something about these adorable felines being radical queers that really ups the ante here.” – Edie Fake, artist, Quimby’s Bookstore

“Cats with ambiguous genitals! Cats with abs! Cats making political statements like ‘We hate suicide’ and ‘We eat homophobes for dinner.’ Cats with moustaches creepier than my own! You wish you had this to read before bed every night.” – Amos Mac, Original Plumbing 

J. Morrison is a multidisciplinary Brooklyn based artist working in print, performance, and curatorial projects. He often favors using the art of the ephemeral, multiples, and take-one pieces within his practice.

His work has been exhibited in venues including MoMA PS1, the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, the NY Art Book Fairs, Printed Matter, P.P.O.W, Forever & Today, Exit Art, White Box, ISE Cultural Foundation, MOCA Cleveland, the Art Institute of Boston, and Boston University. He multiples have been featured at the New Museum Store, Printed Matter, Art Metropole, Bloomingdale’s, Cinders, and through Visual AIDS.


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