New arrivals: Gran Fury: Read My Lips catalogue and Guy Mark Foster’s The Rest of Us

Catalogue for the exhibition Gran Fury: Read My Lips, held at NYU’s 80WSE, January 31st – March 17th, 2012.

This is the 88 page full-color catalogue designed by Gran Fury with mirroring double page cover reproductions published by 80WSE press in conjunction with the exhibition; it is the first major publication solely dedicated to their output. As a summary of its productive career, the book reprints historical interviews between Gran Fury and Robert Gober, David Deitcher and Douglas Crimp, as well as three never-before published conversations by Gran Fury from late 2010.

Reproductions of all the major works are included as well as documentation of ACT UP demonstrations and shots of Gran Fury’s works installed site-specifically. In addition, images of the site-specific works’ defacement by those responding to it, and rare archival images from high points in the collective’s career such as the 1991 Venice Biennial controversy are included.

Guy Mark Foster, The Rest of Us (Tincture, 2013)

“The short story collection The Rest of Us (Tincture) chronicles what it is to be African-American and gay, amid homophobia, religious dogma, and racism. This collection is a passionate journey through the complex landscape of romance, mired in damnation, rejection, and denial. Guy Mark Foster is able to encapsulate youthful angst, heart-wrenching heartbreak, and familial disconnect, all with an assured empathy for each of his characters.”

Read the entire review of Foster’s The Rest of Us by Anthony Darden in the Lambda Literary Review here.

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