Sibling Rivalry Press titles at the Bureau

Featured titles from Sibling Rivalry Press at the Bureau! “Founded in 2010, Sibling Rivalry Press is an independent publishing house based in Alexander, Arkansas. Our mission is to develop, promote, and market underground artistic talent—those who don’t quite fit into the mainstream.”

My Life as Adam is Bryan Borland’s full-length debut and was included as one of only five collections of poetry on the American Library Association’s inaugural “Over the Rainbow” list of best LGBT books of 2010.”


Stephen Mills, He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices
Unable to accept complacency in suburban life, Stephen S. Mills transports himself to dank prison cells, international executions, and the minds of murderers that unravel through the kinky underbelly of America. “


“Matthew Hittinger’s Skin Shift assembles a metamorphosis taxonomy in poems that spider spin, that nimbus twirl into Wonder Woman and leap with the Aboriginal kangaroo woman, that escape from a sub-trunk with Houdini and seduce like the Amazon’s pink river dolphin man.”


On January 27th, the Bureau hosted Stephen Mills and Matthew Hittinger, along with Robert Siek, whose first full-length collection of poetry, Purpose and Devil Piss, will be released by Sibling Rivalry Press in October 2013. We hope to host them and other Sibling Rivalry Press writers in the future!

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