The Bureau of General Services—Queer Division adds new service: workshops

The Bureau of General Services—Queer Division is happy to announce that we will now provide a new service. In addition to selecting, displaying, and selling books, magazines, zines, and art works, and hosting a wide variety of events, next week the Bureau will begin hosting workshops. Our first is a Typography – Calligraphy Workshop.


The Typography – Calligraphy workshops are two day-long intensive sessions exploring the techniques of calligraphy and the integration of calligraphy into digital designs.

Each participant is immersed in calligraphy and its production, creating roman and cursive alphabets using brushes, wooden sticks and other tools. The objective of this exercise is to instill in each participant the value of a custom-made, unique alphabet, respecting each participant’s personal hand style. After this exercise has been completed words and shapes will be moved into the digital realm to develop rich and complex graphic works.

The workshops aim to give participants the confidence and ability to produce letters by hand and to use them to enrich digital designs. The workshops will develop participants’ abilities to realize their creative ideas in the realms of calligraphy and graphic design.




The workshops are open to anyone with an interest in calligraphy and typography.

The course is open to people with and without graphic design, illustration or artistic knowledge and skills.



Yomar Augusto is a brazilian typographic artist and graphic designer based in new york city. Born in brasilia and raised in rio de janeiro, yomar initially trained as a graphic designer before going on to study photography at the school of visual arts in new york city in 2001. He then started his own studio in rio before completing a masters in type design from the royal academy of art in the hague, the netherlands. He enjoyed living and working in the dutch type, design, art and educational scenes for 8 years.

He taught typography for advertising at the willem de kooning academy in Rotterdam in 2011 and 2012 and guest taught at bauhaus university in weimar, germany. Yomar has led experimental calligraphy and book art workshops in many countries, including brazil, russia, turkey, china, denmark, spain, portugal, germany, and the netherlands.

To learn more about Yomar, visit his website:

And watch this interview: Interview for AIGA Chicago



Mondays April 15th and 22nd from 9 am to 5 pm



Bureau of General Services–Queer Division

Hosted by Strange Loop Gallery

27 Orchard Street, between Hester and Canal



$300 (all materials included)



To register for the workshops, please send an e-mail to the Bureau of General Services–Queer Division at The first six people who sign up for the course will need to make a down payment of $100 to the Bureau via Paypal or at the store. Once the payment has been received we will confirm your reservation. Payment of the remaining $200 must be received before the beginning of the first workshop on Monday, April 15, at 9 am.

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